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Importance of Kumbh

The Kumbh Mela considered the most sacred and greatest of North Indian festivals where the ceremonial dip in the Holy river is an important ritual .It is believed that bathing on this auspicious day cleanses one of all sins. The most auspicious day for the ritual bath at Kumbh is on the day of the new moon when one gets rid of all sins and evils and is granted salvation. One attains Moksha ( meaning leberation from the cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth).

Maha Kumbh has a mesmerizing influence over the minds of Indians as it is witness to the largest human gathering in History for the same cause on a single day irrespective of any worldly barriers of caste, creed, colour and religion. It is once in a lifetime experience seeing millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world come together for a common goal- this spectacle of Faith is truly unforgettable.

This festival will be incomplete without the presence of Sadhus and ascetics who represent different orders ( Akhadas). Sadhus like Vaishnav ( Followers of Vishnu), Shaiva ( followers of Shiva). The most interesting feature is the presence of Naga Sadhus-( known as preserver of faith) who are naked covered in ash and have matted hair. They look furious and exotic at the same time. A particular sect of sadhus initiates the ritual bath and leave after the dip in the holy water to make way for another order. Many pilgrims gather to also take blessings from these sadhus.

The significance of this unique event is the blending of religious and cultural features.

This festival is held in highest regard as the ritual bath in the sacred water on this day saturated with flower & incense fragrance amidst chanting of  vedic hyms and  mantras liberates one from all sufferings and miseries of Life.